Lab facility

Our working group provides a modern, well equipped and safety chemical-analytical laboratory for the handling of hazardous substances, in particular hydrofluoric acid.

The following analytical methods are applied:

  • Pollen analysis (modified version) according to Faegri & Iversen (1989) of fossil and recent material
  • Diatom preparation after Battarbee (1986) and permanent slides (Naphrax©)
  • Pretreatment of sediment samples for pollen separation by flow cytometry

Pollen lab © G. Oleschinski
Ultra pure water treatment system (conductance value G = 0.055 µS) © G. Oleschinski
Bench centrifuge (high speed centrifuge, maximum capacity of 4*100 ml or 16*15 ml) © G. Oleschinski
Hydrofluoric acid approved hood © Georg Oleschinski
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