B.Sc. Alessandro Lania

Mainly focusing on dinosaur palaebiology, I am currently working on the description (osteology, morphological comparison, phylogenetic analysis and 3D reconstruction) of a new early sauropodomorph from the Late Triassic of Switzerland as Master thesis in collaboration with the University of Zurich.
I am also involved in multiple projects with other European institutions concerning the cranial morphology of spinosaurid theropods and the ecomorphological diversity of Late Cretaceous notosuchians of the Moroccan Kem Kem Group.
Alongside the research career, I perform palaeontological preparations at the palaeolab of the University of Bonn, focusing on a large specimen of Omphalosaurus from the Middle Triassic of Nevada and on early sauropodomorph material from the Late Triassic of Greenland.
Based at the University of Bonn (Germany), I am currently also collaborating with the University of Zurich (Switzerland), Naturkundemuseum Bamberg (Germany), University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom) and Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano (Italy) where I completed my Bachelor thesis (Bachelor degree achieved in Natural Sciences at University of Milan).
My deep interest in Vertebrate Palaeontology brought me to take part in several exacavations in Italy (Roncà, Monte Generoso), Germany (Bonenburg, Trossingen) and Switzerland (Frick).
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B.Sc. Alessandro Lania

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